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November 7th Bond Election Information

Fellow Porter MUD customers and registered voters:

Porter MUD is having a bond authorization election on November 7th 2023, which over time will allow the District to improve and maintain current District facilities to meet the District’s existing and future demand and growth. The intent of the board is to not sell any bonds if a tax increase would be required. Further, no bonds would ever be sold unless and until the Attorney General of the State of Texas as well as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality have examined and approved all elements of the authorization and request to sell the bonds. In the event bonds are not authorized, the necessary improvement and maintenance of District facilities will require a dramatic increase in sewer rates in order to finance the required expenditures. By voting FOR the bond proposition on the ballot you are voting to approve the bond authorization, and a vote AGAINST would be to reject the bond authorization. Thank you.

Porter MUD Board of Directors

Compañeros clientes de Porter MUD y votantes registrados:

Porter MUD tendrá una elección de autorización de bonos el 7 de noviembre de 2023, que con el tiempo permitirá al Distrito mejorar y mantener las instalaciones actuales del Distrito para satisfacer la demanda y el crecimiento actuales y futuros del Distrito. La intención de la junta es no vender ningún bono si fuera necesario un aumento de impuestos. Además, nunca se venderían bonos a menos y hasta que el Procurador General del Estado de Texas, así como la Comisión de Calidad Ambiental de Texas, hayan examinado y aprobado todos los elementos de la autorización y solicitud para vender los bonos. En caso de que los bonos no sean autorizados, la mejora y el mantenimiento necesarios de las instalaciones del Distrito requerirán un aumento dramático en las tarifas de alcantarillado para financiar los gastos requeridos. Al votar A FAVOR de la propuesta de bonos en la boleta, usted está votando para aprobar la autorización de bonos, y un voto EN CONTRA sería rechazar la autorización de bonos. Gracias.

Junta Directiva de Porter MUD

November 7th Bond Election Information2023-10-23T15:02:34-05:00

New Payments Portal COMING SOON!

Exciting News!

Serving our customers is our priority. We are introducing a new payments portal for you COMING SOON! This enhanced payments portal is more user-friendly and provides more robust capabilities to manage your account(s), while improving the overall user experience. Check back for updates!

¡Noticias emocionantes!

Servir a nuestros clientes es nuestra prioridad. ¡Presentamos un nuevo portal de pagos para usted PRÓXIMAMENTE! Este portal de pagos mejorado es más fácil de usar y proporciona capacidades más sólidas para administrar su(s) cuenta(s), al tiempo que mejora la experiencia general del usuario. ¡Vuelve a consultar las actualizaciones!

New Payments Portal COMING SOON!2023-09-28T17:13:01-05:00

New Service

New owners/renters are required to setup service within approximately five (5) days of closing. New service appointments are available to be scheduled in our office from 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. It usually only takes about 15 minutes for us to complete the application with the property owner. The property owner must be present. Online or email applications are not available currently. Deposits vary and are payable in cash, check or money order only. If you bring cash, it must be in $20s as we do not accept $50s or $100s ever. Please also remember to bring a copy of your driver’s license/l.D. and your closing documents/rental agreement.

New Service2023-08-17T13:00:15-05:00

Updated Billing Effective June 1st

NOTICE – Effective as of June 1, 2023 Porter MUD has updated the billing due date to the 15th of each month. Also, Porter MUD will no longer deliver door notices or charge a door notice fee due to a late bill. Stay tuned for any further updates or changes.

Updated Billing Effective June 1st2023-05-19T15:30:35-05:00

Billing Reminders

Porter MUD is excited to announce we now offer billing reminders. Please contact the Porter MUD office at 281-354-9352 to update your current email address and cell phone number or you may include it with your next payment. Thank you for helping us to serve you better.

Billing Reminders2023-06-02T14:23:05-05:00
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